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Spring is here – with trees budding and flowers coming into bloom it’s a natural time of renewal and motivation, so take advantage of this and sign up to my kickstart nutrition coaching package which I’m offering at an amazing half price until the end of April.

The nutrition coaching package includes:

  • 90 minute initial consultation from which I will develop your tailored nutritional plan
  • 30 minute session to present the plan to you
  • 30 minute follow-up session ~3 weeks after giving you the plan

If you have ever struggled with your body composition, struggled to stick to diets, got frustrated by a lack of results, and/or got confused with the deluge of nutritional information out there, this package is for you.  Diet is absolutely critical to bringing about health improvements which cannot be done with exercise alone. 

My nutrition coaching will help you identify and make achievable changes to your eating habits that fit with you and your lifestyle, making them sustainable.  This is about making change easier and providing support through that process so you feel the benefits, providing your own motivation to continue and progess after coaching finishes.  This is not about achieving perfection on day 1, it’s about making small improvements that accumulate – I’ll take progress over perfection any day!

If you want to make change but don’t know where to start then take the plunge and give me a call, I’d love to hear from you.  Please contact me.

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